Paul an example of Perseverance for today’s society

Paul faced as many hardships in the first century as any of us could face in the twenty-first century. He faced some of the similar struggles we deal with today, … Continue Reading →


Paul gave us the secret on how to find our spiritual depth. In our daily livies we focus on two dimensions; one we control as humans through the decisions we … Continue Reading →

A Lot of Change

Feeling alone and helpless, residing some distance from sanity. My heart hears, “You’re drowning in the loneliness, depression and anguish that I inflict upon you. Don’t you realize you fool, it’s just … Continue Reading →

Insight on Change

Change is the one thing we can count on in life. We need to change from the inside out, from being selfish to selfless and from having despair to hope. What … Continue Reading →

Preview of Change

The temple guards threw their clay goblets against the tavern wall. We departed the tavern and marched to a neighborhood by the Pool of Siloam. I found myself knocking on … Continue Reading →

Outcome of Change

Changing the way we treat others and ourselves, grace.

Agent of Change

This novel follows the life of an agent of change, Paul the Apostle. It offers insights into the trials and triumphs he experienced. The book gives us a new look into what … Continue Reading →

Student of Change

The Caribbean sun is setting on my days as an economist and professor. It’s the dawning of a new day as a writer. I shall address several topics, the first … Continue Reading →

Quotes on Change

Change is one of the most powerful words in the English language.  Change is so omnipresent in our culture it nearly contradicts explanation. However, we can think of it in a … Continue Reading →